New Day, New Look!

About TGZ

tortugaz™ was created in a small apartment when some friends decided to bring to the people the option to roll with style. They promised themselves to develop and market the stylish & innovative type of covers for helmets called tortugaz™

tortugaz™ is a fusion of the worlds of fashion, motorcycling, cycling and extreme sports.

tortugaz™ provides creative solutions for bicyclists, motorcyclists, and snow-boarders with a sense of fashion, fun and style.

Everything at tortugaz™ reflects the spontaneity and surprises, that can be found in all the corners of the world.

Added Values

  Enjoy a new style every day!
  Protect your helmet from scratches and dirt.
  Our products use only top quality, very durable fabrics, which are also easy to wash.
Do It Yourself-
  Simple & quick installation.
  Why spend lots of money on a new helmet, when you can buy tortugaz™ skins for a much cheaper price and enjoy several looks?
  Every season we provide a new collection inspired by the new trends in the world.